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Writers of the Future

Squee – Writers of the Future Certificate

So, remember that Silver Honorable Mention I received from Writers of the Future for my story back in December of 2015. Yep, I got it in the mail today, and I just have to post it up here really quick… Continue Reading →

Reading the Runelords Helped Me Start my Own Novel

  Earlier this month, I decided it was about time I ordered the first of The Runelord series. David Farland judges Writers of the Future after all, winning the contest himself at the beginning of his career, so I could… Continue Reading →

Open Anthology Calls, News, Impatience, and Much Crying

  I feel like kind of a shmuck. I looked at my blog today and realized I am not updating very much at all—and that was not my plan. So, in the spirit of kicking my behind in to gear,… Continue Reading →

8,000 Entries (More Writers of the Future Nerdy-ness!)

  I feel like I’m milking this good thing more than I have a right to, but it’s the craziest/best thing that has ever happened to my writing so I just need to share it. Back in December 2015, I… Continue Reading →

A Silver Honorable Mention in Writers of the Future!

  Well, there it is. The most awesome email I have ever gotten! The reason we writers keep submitting and keep taking all those stupid rejection letters and doing it all over again. For the “happy-dance” feeling of being told… Continue Reading →

Writers of the Future. Best. Contest. Ever!

This is not, unfortunately, a blog post touting my success with this highly esteemed contest. I hope one day that I can write one of those, but for now I am enjoying the brilliant stories this contest has put out,… Continue Reading →

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