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maybe when the
color blue kissed
the night sky

the stars buried
their fortunes
in the sand

forgetting where we
could find them

instead exploring
along the backs
of your hands

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fleeing twilight

Jupiter is descending towards the slim shadowed horizon,
a silhouette of warm dust and

rings of ice like fingers brushing for purchase on the
shores of dusk

When mountains settle on black velvet, wrapped
in melancholy cloudsong

bluegrass meadows sway to banjo tune, stretching their shadows
for a single glimpse at eternity

And in the end, when warm days cannot be caught between
fingers like ladybeetles in jars

and when fireflies are taught the lost language of goodbye
sung to the Ronin sun

memories sweep between the kernels of corn fields,
smolder in the coals of a sparking fire

ready to discover where the last drops of day go
as they chase the fleeing twilight

Β© Emily J. McCosh, 2015