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Mini-Post: Myriad Lands Cover Reveal

I have an exciting update for the Myriad Lands anthology that will be gracing the world with its presence come early July. The editor, David, has been posting updates about the cover art for the book on Facebook, and this… Continue Reading →

Open Anthology Calls, News, Impatience, and Much Crying

  I feel like kind of a shmuck. I looked at my blog today and realized I am not updating very much at all—and that was not my plan. So, in the spirit of kicking my behind in to gear,… Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction…It’s Everywhere

  The title speaks for itself…apparently I can write decent flash fiction. Who knew!?!? Certainly not me, there was a time when the idea of flash fiction made me shudder and cringe, but now I love it, and I am… Continue Reading →

April Updates, News, and Acceptances, Oh My!

  Okay, wow, lots of things to update here. I’ve been working on coding my own template for this website, so amusingly enough, that version is up to date and I’ve been neglecting the version that people can actually read…. Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Your First Novel Stinks…And 1 Super Awesome Reason You Should Keep It

In the spirit of re-working my first attempt at novel writing, I’ve come up with the top 5 stinky things about writing your first novel, as well as some much needed encouragement (mostly for myself) to even keep it. Ta-da!… Continue Reading →

Read “After the Giant’s War” at New Realm Magazine

Well, it’s official. I am a published author! Eeek! See, look at the cover…my name is right on the front! My short story, “After the Giant’s War” came out in New Realm Magazine on March 11th, and you can read it and… Continue Reading →

A Story Acceptance to New Realm Magazine!

Emily, Thank you for sending us “After the Giant’s War.” The staff and I have accepted this piece for New Realm. Congratulations! Whoever said “a hearty breakfast is the best way to start a morning” never opened their inbox to… Continue Reading →

A Story Acceptance! All Hail the Story Acceptance!

  So yeah, a story acceptance, that happened. This story has had a bumpy road. I sent it out to an anthology call for Guardbridge Books. The word limit was 6,000, and I barely squeezed the story into that limit… Continue Reading →

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