*Art by David Demaret

So I’m really bad at updating my blog, I know, but it’s time for a bit of shameless self-promotion. I’ve had acceptances since I last posted, and some of those stories are published and out there in the world.

So without further ado, new things to read by yours truly!


“After the Giant’s War

…but there’s a twist! I had this little story published over a year ago at a magazine called New Realm, but now it’s found a home at a place called sub-Q, as a piece of interactive fiction. You can click through the story, and make your own choices as to how it turns out, listening to some beautiful music along the way. It features a lovely piece of art by David Demaret, and a gorgeous piece of epic music by none other than Epic Score. Read it here.


“Of Water and Wood”

I have a story published in Galaxy’s Edge! *happy dance* This was definitely checking off one of my writing goals, and it’s a story I’m very proud of. It went through four complete re-writes and several edits, but it’s become one of my favorite stories. In it, Brooke’s husband always told her the woods were more alive than she thought. And when he is gone, buried among their roots, she finds out he was right. They are more alive. Not particularly kind, but trying to be. Read this story and others in Issue 26 of Galaxy’s Edge, now free to read!


There you have it! I have one more story coming out I’m afraid we’ll have to wait a long time for. “Along the Road to Giants” is tentatively scheduled for publishing in 2018 from Abyss & Apex. It’s another one of my all-time favorites, with shapshifters, giants, goblins, and lots of sappiness. Set in the world of my trilogy about 60 years before the start of the first book. And I have another piece of flash expected to come out in September of this year in a pulp sci-fi magazine called Retro Futures. I’ll talk more about that story once things are worked out.

I’m more active on my social media accounts than I am on here — something I’d like to change — so I encourage you to visit me there as well as here. More to come soon!

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