I have an exciting update for the Myriad Lands anthology that will be gracing the world with its presence come early July. The editor, David, has been posting updates about the cover art for the book on Facebook, and this morning he posted the finished covers for both volumes!

Myriad Lands Around the WorldMyriad Lands Beyond the Edge

Aren’t they gorgeous? They’re so gorgeous. I’m in Beyond the Edge. Is it okay that I like my volume better than the other? I mean, I love both, but mine just a teensy-weensy bit more. That’s normal, right?

I feel like these covers are so perfect for their stories, because none of them are tradition, western fantasy, and the artwork really reflects that. I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: I cannot wait to get the physical copy in my hands. Printed books seem so are these days in the short story world, and it’s pretty amazing that I was lucky enough to earn my way into the pages of an anthology.

So, anyway, the set comes out on July 8th, or July 16th for those of you in the UK. Count the days!