Okay, so I may be a couple weeks late with this, but better late than never. I think…

Er, anyway… The big news: my flash fiction story, “These are the Rules of Being a Hero” has finally made its appearance at Daily Science Fiction. I had no idea when it was going to come out, and just woke up to it in my inbox one morning. Confession: I am not a morning person. I came in a little early to my 8 am coding class and checked my email before lecture started. I blinked at the subject line and asked myself, “Hey, why did they publish someone else’s story with the same title as mine?!”

Then I slapped myself and realized it was my story. Opened it and gleefully drank in the experience of seeing my story in the format of so many other awesome stories I’ve read since I signed up for the DSF daily email.

Something else more than worth mentioning, that I stumbled upon purely by accident:

Someone decided to narrate the story!

I was searching the title of the story and found this short video on YouTube where someone with a very lovely voice had decided to narrate my story and put it to a little music. It’s amazing. I’ve never had anyone do something like that before. It blew me away, and I won’t lie, made me well up a little bit. I think other authors will understand my reaction. If you’re not a fellow author…well, don’t judge. It was beautiful.

“Listen here, son. There are rules to being a hero, and sometimes it isn’t best to learn them on your own–
No, no, she can wait. I know you’re eager, but she’s locked away, she isn’t going anywhere. You can go to her any time. Just be patient….
Anyway, this won’t take long.”
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