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Open Anthology Calls, News, Impatience, and Much Crying

  I feel like kind of a shmuck. I looked at my blog today and realized I am not updating very much at all—and that was not my plan. So, in the spirit of kicking my behind in to gear,… Continue Reading →

A Story Acceptance! All Hail the Story Acceptance!

  So yeah, a story acceptance, that happened. This story has had a bumpy road. I sent it out to an anthology call for Guardbridge Books. The word limit was 6,000, and I barely squeezed the story into that limit… Continue Reading →

The “Maybe List” Is Gonna Kill Me (With GIFs)

(Warning: “The ‘Maybe List’ Is Gonna Kill Me [With GIFs] contains excessive use of Supernatural GIFs, enter at your own risk.) So, I’ve written and submitted plenty of stories, and other than that Silver HM in Writers of the Future… Continue Reading →

A New Frontier ~ Non-Traditional Fantasy

Today I found a unique anthology call for Guardbridge Books…well, maybe it isn’t so unique as I’m one of those nerdy Tolkien kind of fantasy lovers whose reaction to the Hobbit movies was oh-my-gosh-oh-my-gosh-oh-my-gosh-are-they-really-making-a-movie-out-of-the-Hobbit-……-they’re-making-three!!!-oh!-my! gosh!-I-haaaaaave-to-go-see-that! *calmly looks around* Yes, I… Continue Reading →

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