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Awesome Writer Moment – My Story in Nature Futures

  It’s so nice to get things in the mail you weren’t expecting. Especially when they have to do with your writing. As you may know, one of my stories, Breathe the Last Bits of Air, was recently published in… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Your First Novel Stinks…And 1 Super Awesome Reason You Should Keep It

In the spirit of re-working my first attempt at novel writing, I’ve come up with the top 5 stinky things about writing your first novel, as well as some much needed encouragement (mostly for myself) to even keep it. Ta-da!… Continue Reading →

8,000 Entries (More Writers of the Future Nerdy-ness!)

  I feel like I’m milking this good thing more than I have a right to, but it’s the craziest/best thing that has ever happened to my writing so I just need to share it. Back in December 2015, I… Continue Reading →

The “Maybe List” Is Gonna Kill Me (With GIFs)

(Warning: “The ‘Maybe List’ Is Gonna Kill Me [With GIFs] contains excessive use of Supernatural GIFs, enter at your own risk.) So, I’ve written and submitted plenty of stories, and other than that Silver HM in Writers of the Future… Continue Reading →

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