Me and Alice, one of my very verbal, dopey black lab mixes.

Emily and Alice, one of her very verbal, dopey black lab mixes. (Emily is the one on the left.)

Emily McCosh is a dedicated daydreamer (read: storywriter), and spends her days studying graphic design and evenings and weekends with her head in the clouds. She may love cheesey action movies. The stories she writes mainly consist of outer space or high fantasy, and her characters need to learn some manners. She is pleasantly surprised to say that her other daydreams can be found in such places as Beneath Ceaseless Skies (forthcoming), Galaxy’s Edge, Nature: Futures, and Daily Science Fiction, among others. Visit her Published Story Awesomeness page to find the complete list.

She occasionally chatters about writing on her blog, makes snarky remarks and posts too many GIFs on Facebook and Twitter, and wouldn’t mind a wave hello on any of these.