Me and Alice, one of my very verbal, dopey black lab mixes.

Me and Alice, one of my very verbal, dopey black lab mixes. (I’m the one on the left.)

Hi there world, I’m me.

If you look to the right you’ll find a rather sloppily taken picture of myself and one of my mutts rolling in the grass. That’s Alice on the right, and me on the left, in case you couldn’t tell.

I’m a fiction writer and student residing mostly in the imaginary worlds in my head, but my driver’s licence says southern California. I’m studying Graphics and Web Design at my local community college, and any time not spent on classes and homework goes towards my stories. My genres of choice are science fiction and fantasy. I’m mostly writing short fiction at the moment, but I’d like to work my way into novels some time in the near future. There is a fantasy trilogy and a sci-fi novel currently banging around the walls of my writer brain, very much wanting to be let out.

The first true pay-off I received in my fiction came from a Silver Honorable Mention (top 40 entries of 8,000) in the Writers of the Future Contest in December of 2015. Up ’till then, I’d been trying and trying without any recognition for my efforts, and that Silver was the world’s biggest pat on the back. Since the beginning of 2016, I’ve sold stories to Daily Science Fiction, AE Micro 2016, Unsung Stories, Myriad Lands: Beyond the Edge, Perihelion Science Fiction, and New Realm Magazine. Hop on over to my Stories & Writings page to get story links and summaries.

Enjoy my blog. I keep it updated as often as I can, but my characters can be quite demanding and snatch up most of my attention. And please, leave a comment if you feel so inclined.