Ah, awards season. It’s difficult to believe I actually have anything to say, considering a year ago I hadn’t even made a sale, let alone a professional one. But now I shall raise my first list of eligible stories with shaking fingers, along with all the other speculative fiction authors out there, and desperately silence the voice in my head telling me I have no chance.

Not only do I have a few stories making me eligible for the Hugo, Nebulae, and World Fantasy Awards, but this is my first year of Campbell eligibility! I would be thrilled (and slightly thunderstruck) if you were to consider nominating me, or any of my little works.

And without further ado, the list:

These are the Rules of Being a Hero, 520 words, published at Daily Science FictionAn old hero tries to impart some hard-earned wisdom to his unwilling son, and not lose him in the process.

(Hugo Awards | Nebulae Awards | World Fantasy Awards | Campbell Awards)

Our Place Among the Stars, 200 words, published in AE Micro 7 (2016)Change will come to one man, as he gives up everything human to become closer to his wife.

(Hugo Awards | Nebulae Awards | Campbell Awards)

Breathe the Last Bits of Air, 850 words, published in Nature: Futures – The end of the world may be here. Are there still stars to see?

(Hugo Awards | Nebulae Awards | Campbell Awards)

Winged, 6,300 words, published in Myriad Lands Beyond the Edge – A young girl will take a job from the very people who took her parents from her in order to get them back, and get more than she bargained for in the form of a stubborn and secretive boy who is much more than human.

(Campbell Awards)

A Sound Like Glass Raindrops, 1,900 words, published in Unsung StoriesA girl is visited by a swarm of hummingbirds every year on her birthday, protecting her, loving her, becoming a part of her…until one year, when they take a different form.

(Campbell Awards)

There you have it. If I had to pick one story I’m the proudest of, it would be These are the Rules of Being a Hero. It has the most emotion, and the strongest idea. It’s my favorite all around.

Thank you to anyone who nominates/votes for my little stories, and good luck to all my fellow writers!

 may the force be with you han solo